Although he was born in New Brunswick, Troy called Amherst, NS home for his formative years. Involved in every high school drama production from grades 10 to 12, he considered a career in the theatrical arts.  Deciding that he would rather eat on a regular basis, Troy eventually worked his way to Moncton and became a part of the retail business community here.  "Retail is like the stage, with a lot of improv."  Still not quite sure how Mike saw in him the desire to return to the stage, Troy eagerly walked on in the role of Dr. Morrissey in Send Me No Flowers. He also appeared in Love, Sex, & the IRS and The Foreigner along with his memorable roles as the "jack ass next door" in Playing Doctor and Arthur, the repressed therapist in Second Time Around.  Watch him connect with his inner Archie Bunker in this spring’s Never Too Late.

Favourite Quote: "She's a nice lady and all shall I put it? Arf. Arf." 
Mr. Spinner, Love, Sex, and the IRS