Ryan’s theatrical career began with a simple statement from Michael Granville, “You look like somebody who can do this acting thing.” With that, Ryan participated in two shows at Harrison Trimble and his interest in theatre has continued ever since. Although Ryan has not formally acted much since high school, his decision to become a teacher clearly reflects this desire to be in front of people, improvising and entertaining. He has always felt very comfortable being in front of others and making them laugh, even if it is at his own expense. Although acting is a lot of fun, his true passion is kittens.  Not cats; cats are evil incarnate.  Kittens touch him to the core of his soul. His other interests include tracking changes in barometric pressure, stealing money out of public fountains and searching the internet for images of alpacas. Ryan feels very fortunate that Michael asked him to recall his acting skills last spring as Bruce in The Second Time Around and is very excited to be type cast one more time as the somewhat oblivious Charlie in this spring’s Never Too Late.