Carol, from Florenceville, NB, is gregarious gal who views life as a series of adventures. After obtaining her BA from UNB (and later on, her Bed), she enjoyed teaching English at Harrison Trimble High School for 23 years. Carol claims that teaching English literature is what you do when you can’t be an actor. When she completed her Masters in Counselling, her vocation changed to the field of guidance. The highlight of Carol’s life has always been her three sons, Troy, Chris and Chad, who never cease to be a source of pride, inspiration, and joy. Another supportive force is her dear 85 year old mom who can often be found rehearsing lines with Carol. Although she has had no theatrical experience or training, Carol brings to the cast an infectious enthusiasm and a genuine love for the stage.

Favourite Hairy Tease quote: “Imagine that! Imagine that!! A faithful husband!!!”
Miss Mason, Send Me No Flowers