Alyssa Delle Palme spends her mornings acting as News Anchor for Max FM and K94.5. She then spends her afternoons drinking sherry and acting out scenes from her favorite soap, Days of our Lives. Alyssa may look like a twenty-something Monctonian, but she's really a 65-year-old woman from Ottawa. She enjoys aquafit and the early bird special at Swiss Chalet. Alyssa believes she is Anne of Green Gables reincarnated and she grew up performing in a number of musicals with the Company of Musical Theatre in Ottawa . Alyssa went on to graduate from the Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria , BC . She was so happy when Mike Granville invited her to join the Hairy Tease crew that she peed in her Depends. Alyssa is very excited to make her debut as Diane in "The Mind with the Dirty Man." She wishes to thank her uncle Peter for helping her discover her passion for theatre.